Generate Authentic Quizzes with A.I.

Drive engagement and data capture at scale! Publishers use to shape, guide, and train Artificial Intelligence to create a river of quizzes from the publisher’s own content, in the publisher’s own voice. Tweak/publish or automate… it’s easy, instant, and in your control AND ownership.

Fully automated

No need to involve the editorial team, licensed content, nor any 3rd party advertising – integrate your own… if you want. creates interactive trivia content for your publication, media business, or brand for FREE using PopQuiz’s OpenAI content corpus access. Paying PopQuiz customers may limit access towards their own publication’s corpus and retain ownership!

Inbox user interface

Authentic content

A.I. generates questions and answers that engage users along the content journey in your publication’s voice with a paid account (and to retain ownership). All users may train for FREE to increase relevance and authenticity even more to drive deeper sessions and declarative data capture with real questions that make ya go, hmm.

Customer profile user interface

Declarative Data to Drive Growth

Generate quizzes with PopQuiz to animate your current strategy. Capture 1st party data that’s truly unique with accurate intent that’s actionable – driving growth across audience, revenue, innovation, and the entire business. Authentic Quizzes > Data Capture > Activate Growth. It’s magic!

User Acquisition

Get to know your users, really, really well. Then find more like them and give ‘em new ways to interact with the content they love… yours. :)

Advertising Targeting

PopQuiz helps you discover and segment audiences your advertisers want to reach. And branded quizzes collect brand-specific feedback by design.

Subscription Conversions

Get to know your users. Help them interact with your content. Funnel them towards subscriptions and other desired conversions. Click!

Product Innovation

Help users get the most out of your publication, media property, or brand experience by understanding who they actually are and interests, effortlessly.

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