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popquiz.com is a long story...

PopQuiz.com Founder and CEO, Jay Westlin, acquired the domain from a reseller in 1997 for $750.00 to potentially use as the domain name for a syndicated radio show and online game show, of which, was ultimately launched though with a different name.

Then in 2004, Jay read a Wired Magazine article about user generated content (UGC) that talked about TVToMe.com, Flickr.com, Del.icio.us, and Wikipedia.com and how these websites were growing like mad without any editorial teams; so Jay finally partnered with a technical team to launch the UGC site, PopQuiz.com, but landed a job at GorillaNation which owned the UGC quiz site, Quizilla.com (later sold to Viacom), so Jay shuttered the project to avoid any conflict.

Come 2014, the year following the successful apps, QuizUp and TriviaCrack, and of which followed the web success of Playbuzz.com and quiz sections of BuzzFeed.com and independent websites capitalizing on the trivia craze on Facebook; Jay partnered with a different tech team to launch PopQuiz.com which never ultimately happened for various reasons.

After 21 years and a few half-hearted attempts at launching and numerous offers to acquire the domain name PopQuiz.com for tens of thousands of dollars, Jay finds himself in 2018 partnering again with yet another new tech team with expertise in publisher engagement widgets and blockchain, and of whom, share in Jay's latest vision of helping digital content publishers effortlessly acquire new visitors and retain all visitors with a quiz widget powered by machine learning and user incentives tracked via blockchain in both the distributed trivia experience and at the consumer destination... PopQuiz.com... fourth time's a charm!